Import Mappings

Add parameters to deliver to another disciplines’ Revit model.



All symbols that have been connected via Quick 1-3, Opening values orFamily Connections can be sent to that linked model.




From Category, choose between Fire Alarm Device, Generic Model or Space.

Categories sent from → to.


Fire Alarm device = Usually Doors, Windows, Panels and other categories

Generic Models = Walls, Roofs, Ramps and Floors

Space = Rooms


All parameters in the drop-down menu for Target Parameter, are all parameters from instances placed in the model.


Use the + or trashcan to add / remove parameter value to be sent to the architect.


Choose Door / Window if there are a FireReq_FireRatingDoor & FireReq_FireRatingWindow connected to one instance.


It is possible to remove parameters at any moment. The data will not be transfered after giving full control to the FSE when to transfer data.

Note: If there are several symbols connected to an instance in the linked model,make sure that only one symbol has each parameter.The tool will during import push all values from all parameter, so if two symbols have the same parameterthe tool does not know which parameter should be imported.



Note: Before sending the model to the other stakeholders for import,try to import the data in the local file before and make sure that all data is imported correctly.This is part of the quality assurance workflow that should be in-place for each project.

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