Tag evacuation plans


When creating Evacuation plan, it is necessary to have a specific workflow because the plans need to rotate for each sheet and the symbols needs to always be straight.


Start by placing instances on the floor plan as usual. All symbols are Fire Alarm Devices.

When all symbols are placed, run the tool Tag Evacuation plan

This will place a tag on each symbol matching the family.


If necassary, add a leader to the tag and Leader Arrowhead.

How the software match the symbols, are because both the symbols  and tags both have a parameter, Fire_FamilyTagMapping in Type properties. If they match they will be placed on them.

Create dependent views from the view that been tagged.


Rotate each dependent view after each choosing.


The tag will always be readable no matter rotation.

The symbols that were placed needs to be hidden in the view, because they don’t rotate with the view. Go to Visibility/Graphic override in the view (View template if there is one applied to the views).


Change Fire Alarm Device’s detail level from By view to Fine.

Now all the plan symbols are hidden, but the tag remains with correct rotation.

If the symbol itself are moved the tags in all the views will follow.

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