A single source of information

While the ” golden thread of information” is yet to become standard practice, the term has become the accepted term within the construction industry to describe accurate and up-to-date record of building data.

The key to a single source of truth is “Building information modelling”, or BIM. BIM is the the process of designing, construction, and operation of a building using a digital workflow of smart objects. Instead of using drawings, made by pen on paper or computer-generated, the design is made up by smart objects linked together. The smart objects in BIM all carry real time-data which makes the model automatically updated when changes are made. This way of working reduces the margin of errors and allows for a traceable audit trail. Today the use of BIM is widespread within design and construction and with regulations underway we can expect the practice to become more common also in operation and maintenence. 


Digital information will be a prerequisite for the construction process to achieve a golden thread. For you who work with fire safety the first step will be to start designing in BIM. Therefor we have developed Bimfire Tools, a Revit application that allows for modular design with smart, real time-data.

Start your journey towards the golden thread today!

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With this Revit plugin fire safety information integrate directly into the BIM process, for a digital workflow.
Add smart data and process infrastructure  Bimfire Tools opens up for transparent audit trails, assuring both quality and regulatory compliance.

Join us into the future of fire safety.