• BIM software tool for fire protection data
  • Intuitive and easy to get going
  • Automated processes with streamlined workflows
  • Deliver fire models as IFC
  • Impact on sustainability
  • Enhanced fire safety from start to finish

Breakthrough work process efficiency in fire safety design that lets you integrate fully with the BIM process. This Revit application allows you to add fire safety data directly into the A-model.

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For A single point of truth

Many initiatives in the industry today are striving for a golden thread of information, meaning that information is added early to a project, kept as live data throughout and at the end handed over to facility management for future use. With BIM, achieving this golden thread can become a reality. But for this to be realized, fire data has to be added to the source.

The need for a “single point of truth” has been a current issue in the United Kingdom since the tragedy of Grenfell Tower shone a light on the lack of traceable safety information in many of the country’s buildings. In May 2021, the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government approved a formal definition of the “golden thread”, of which you can read more about here.