Audit Trail


When receiving a new architect model, it is to possible to control any object that has been connected to a architect component.


Check whether it has been moved or deleted.


Exports a .csv with all changed and deleted objects.

Enables the possibilities to search for each object with the help of “Selection by ID” and create reports.


Tag Symbols:

Tags each FSE component with the words “Deleted” / “Modified” on Comments. This enables the user to quickly use View Filters (There is a View Template included in the Revit Template) to find which objects has been moved or deleted.


Delete Symbols:

Automatically will delete all symbols that has lost their connection with the architect component.


Update Walls:

will automatically update all modified fire compartmentation for walls.


Update openings:

will automatically update all modified opening requirements



On the bottom there is a list of all deleted and modified components and which floors. So it’s easy to go to the correct levels and update.

Up an object been modified, select those objects, and resolve the issue.

The object will go to their new location.

Reset selected symbols to it’s original connected location,

and the Fire_GUID will be updated.

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