Legend Tool

The legend tool will automatically check what is visible in the selected views and add them to a template according to a view template.


It will filter out two categories to list in the symbol legend, Fire Alarm Devices and Generic Models.


For Generic Models it will find all that start with Fire_FireCompartmentation….


When adding symbols to the list, it will always start with the Generic Model families(compartmentation for walls) and then find all Fire Alarm Devices in no certain order.


The template to be used needs to contain three things.

  • A Title that is a Detail Group, this is necessary for creating a “coordination system” in the Legend view.

  • A Legend component and a text so the tool knows where it should place the symbols and where it should place the description for that component.

  • The description it adds to the Symbol legend reads from Type parameter Fire_Info.


A Fire_LegendTemplate exist inside the included FSE-template.


There are three ways to create a legend view.


1. Selecting a template legend to create the other legends from


2. a) From current view (needs to be a Floor or Area plan).

     b) Entire project, this will create a legend for all components in the projekt

     c) Selecting Floor Plans / Area Plans to create individual legends for each view


The legends created will have the View name – Legend, seen as here.

Note: To change the placement of symbols / text. Change the Fire_LegendTemplate and update the legends,because if the individual legends are changed, and then the Update tool are used all changes will disappear and be reset.

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