Place opening ratings

For this tool to work, it project needs to have the Family Fire_FireResistance with two Types, Door & Window.

This family contain two parameters that this tool will apply the value to,

FireReq_FireRatingDoor or FireReq_FireRatingWindow.

In the drop-down menu there are the most common opening requirements.

When placing the instance, the tool will filter the models to only being able to place on Doors and Windows.

When placed the selected requirement will be applied to either FireReq_FireRatingDoor or FireReq_FireRatingWindow depending on which category is selected in plan.

Finish the command by pressing the Escape key.

If the included Fire_FireResistance family is used, it has an Instance text parameter Fire_Info,
the GUID from the linked instance will appear on this parameter.

It is not necessary to have this parameter on the family,
but it will give a visual affirmation that the component has been/are connected to a linked instance.

Note: After summer release 2021-08-30 in Revit 2020 / 2021 the symbol will automatically rotate with the opening. It will follow how the door is places, it will cause more rotation using <space bar> but less with align tool. Known issue that it can rotate wrong with certain project norths.

Alternative Fire resistance door, for UAE/UK/NO/DK

In the template there is a secondary symbol for Fire Resistance,

where the plan symbol is either a solid circle or a white circle with a coloured line around.

This symbol cannot be used with the traditional Place opening family functionality in BFT,

but instead use the Connect Family functionality. Read more about that here Family Connection

The size of the circle depends on the view scale.

To control the size of the circles, go to Type properties and change Fire_Tolarance.

The size of symbol will always follow this formula:
View scale * Fire_Tolarence. Ex. Viewscale is set to 1:200, Tolerance set to 5.

200 * 5 = 1000mm in the model.

To change the FireReq_FireRatingDoor value, change the Fire_Info in Type Properties.

Both the traditional opening requirement tool and this alternative family, have the same 3D-symbol.

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