Family Connections

To easily connect other requirements than Fire Rating to Doors, Windows and Walls just add symbols that contains requirements under Settings.

There are up to three slots to connect symbols to.

When connecting symbols, the tool does not filter out any specific category,so it is possible to connect to any instance in a linked model.

The tool will automatically try to place the symbol on the same level as the component it tries to be connected to,but if the component is not connected to a level, such as Curtain Panel Door,it will prompt to manually place the symbol in floor plan.

Connect Spaces connects the space objects in the engineering model to the architects’ rooms.

In the drop-down menu, all Families loaded in the project are shown, choose which ones to use and save.

Now the symbols are connected to the three buttons in the drop down.

The text change from Family 1-3 to Family name – Type name so it will be easier to see what is selected.

Note: try to connect only in Floor plan / Area plans to have the tool work as intended.

It is recommended is to connect the buttons to keyboard shortcuts.

Press KS to open the keyboard shortcut dialogue window,or go to View – User interface – Keyboard shortcuts

Filter out Family 1-3 and assign any shortcut of choice.

Connect family: singular connection works by starting the command, selecting the item in the linked model and then selecting the Engineer-requirement symbol. The two objects are now connected.

Multiple connection works by selecting all Engineering-requirement symbols and starting the command, select which linked object it should be connected to.

If the component has an Instance text parameter Fire_GUID,

the GUID from the linked instance will appear on this parameter

It is not necessary to have this parameter on the family,but it will give a visual affirmation that the component has been/are connected to a linked instance.

Disconnect family: Select a symbol in the engineering model and remove any connection to that symbol.

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