Connect Fire Rating

In most project there are similarities between the different levels. Then instead of redoing same thing all over again, this gives the users the opportunity to copy / paste between levels and automatically connect.


When running the tool it prompts the user to choose to either run selected items or the entire view.

Walls: For automatically being able to connect to Walls, the category of the Engineering model must be Generic Model (Revit 2020-2021) or Fire Protection (2022-). It will check the ends of the compartmentation and check if there is a Wall with the same end points +- 30mm. This not to accidently connect several requirements to the same wall.

Openings: The tool will look for Audio Visual Devices (Revit 2022-), Electrical Equipment (Revit 2022-), Fire Alarm Devices (Revit 2020-), Fire Protection (Revit 2022-), Mechanical Equipment (Revit 2022-), Security Devices (Revit 2022-) or Speciality Equipment (Revit 2022-) are located withing 300mm from the centre of the opening on the same elevation.

If the length of the wall compartmentation or opening requirement doesn’t connect, it will automatically write a hyphen, “-“.


See Unconnected Symbols to see how this can be used in a QA-workflow.

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