Quick Settings

In Quick Setting it is possible to add up to three slots of fire requirements for walls.

The drop down in the dialogue only show Generic Models.

When selecting a family, notice that the family must be a line-based family for the tool to fully work.

The text on the buttons change from Quick 1-3 to Type name when saved.

The three buttons Quick 1 – 3 can now be used to quickly place a Compartmentation requirement for walls.


When the tool starts it is only possible to select the category Walls.

The line-based Generic model will automatically copy the length of the wall and adjust the length of instance.

If the family has the parameter Fire_Top, the tool will adjust the height after the Unconnected Height value from the wall instance.

Placing the compartmentation instance the tool will check which level in the linked model the wall is connected. If there is a level in the FSE model with the same elevation it will automatically connect to that level and have the same height / offset.

If there does not exist a level in the FSE model on the same elevation, it will automatically place the compartmentation on the view’s level.

Note: Add any line based Generic model family.

Required to have these parametersFire_Top: Sets the height of the boundary to the same as the wall’s height. If parameter doesn’t exist it will ignore the height.

It is recommended is to connect the buttons to keyboard shortcuts.

Press KS to open the keyboard shortcut dialogue window, or go to View – User interface – Keyboard shortcuts


Filter out Quick 1-3 and assign any shortcut of choice.

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