All compartmentation objects are unique for each country with different colours, line width, material, and line styles.

The different requirements are different subcategory for Generic Models (Revit 2020-2021) and Fire Protection (2022-), these can be controlled either in the template or per project.

This guide goes through how to manipulate the existing objects with new graphic display and not new ones.

Go to Manage tab. Open Object styles.

In Model Objects under Generic Models (Revit 2020-2021) or Fire Protection (Revit 2022-)

Line weights are numbers between 1-16. They are controlled from Manage -> Additonal settings.

Add the thickness on paper in the correct scale column. In this example below all scales above 1:200 will have the thickness from the last column, same with scales smaller than 1:50.

Line pattern can be modifed or created from scratch.

They are controlled from Manage -> Additonal settings.

Edit or create new pattern

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