Connnect Fire Rating – Unconnected symbols 

In general it’s hard to find unconnected symbols, this guide goes through the workflow after running the Connect Fire Rating.


But after running Connect Fire Rating, and some objects have not been able to connect to a linked object. Follow these steps to either manually connecting those symbols or sign them off as ok.


Either create permanent views, by going to View → Floor plan, create a set of views for each level.


Once create apply the View template “Fire_Unconnected”

Walls: For automatically being able to connect to Walls, the category of the Engineering model must be Generic Model (Revit 2020-2021) or Fire Protection (2022-). It will check the ends of the compartmentation and check if there is a Wall with the same end points +- 30mm. This not to accidently connect several requirements to the same wall.

When applied, the view only shows elements with a Fire_GUID: “-“. This enables fir very easy ocular check to find those components that have been missed when automatically connecting.

In the example here, the keylocks for two of the flats and one door requirement is not connected.

The signage and fire extinguisher are not to supposed to be connected to anything, so ignore those.

Either move them so the origin of the symbol and the origin of the door are within 300mm of each other. Else use the manual Connect Family tool. The symbols “disappear” from the view with the Fire_Unconnected template, this is because now the symbol has a GUID.

A third workflow can be to just to delete the symbol and place a new one using Opening requirement, Wall requirement or family connection. Those symbols won’t be visible in the view as long the template Fire_Unconnected is enabled.

Keep going until all symbols that are supposed to be connected are gone.

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