A certain object in the linked model receives a value or the wrong value during the QA, even though it has been deleted in the engineering model.

How to find the problem.

The issue is if there is the wrong value, that several objects are linked to the same object, for example a E 30 and a EI 60 compartmentation are connected to a Wall. The Tools doesn’t know which is correct so it will import both.

Go the object that which get the wrong value during import, in this example the door betweem Bedroom 1 and Hallway will be used.

Connect a new requirement on the door. Doesn’t matter which one, EI₂ 240-CSₐ will be used here.

Select the new requirement, and write on the parameter Comments: “Error”.

Note: In Revit 2022 the category is Fire Protection for Wall & Opening requirement and in Revit 2020-2021 the category for openings are Fire Alarm Devices and Generic Model for walls.

Create a new schedule for the correct category (Fire Alarm Devices, Generic Model or in this case Fire Protection)

Right click on Schedule/Quantities in project browser → New Schedule/Quantities…

In the Fields tab, add Comments, Fire_GUID and the Requirement, in this case FireReq_FireRatingDoor

Sort by Fire_GUID and then by Comments.

Scroll down in the schedule until the comment Error can be found. Check for another instance with the same GUID.

By doing this, it is possible to find the other requirement quite easily.

If there is an interest, select the row in the schedules and isolate it in a 3D view to see where it is.

In this scenario, just delete the two rows in the schedule and the requirement on the opening will disappear.

Finish by saving the engineering model and re-importing the data to guarantee that the opening doesn’t get the wrong value.

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