Finished Implementation Sessions for BIM Methodology

Since the new year Bimfire Tools have together with five fire consultant companies worked hard with implementation and supplementary training. Our implementation package, FEWsteps, helps fire engineers to go from traditional workflows to completely new digital ways of working.

Switching to BIM design can be a challenge for the traditional workplace and places a high demand on the integration between all participating actors in the project. At the same time, we know that well-implemented workflows in BIM will give access to entirely new business areas and financial results – for every stakeholder in the process.

This winter RED Fire Engineers, Fire Safety Nordic, Brand och Riskteknik, Prevecon and Verifire has taken up to play their part in the BIM process. Having last year invested in BIM tools for fire safety, these fire consultants have the past months undergone training in project design, BIM values, and stakeholder communication. With their new extensive knowledge and set of skills, they will make BIM easy!

 Martin Johansson och Carl Pettersson, RED Fire Engineering.
Martin Johansson & Carl Pettersson, RED

The Bimfire team has been very helpful and understanding on how fire engineers should approach and be part of the BIM process. They have demonstrated the specific benefits and opportunities the BIM processes provides, both for the client and other stakeholders in the project, but also as a valuable tool in the fire safety design. There have been opportunities to discuss and reflect on how we can utilize the benefits with Bimfire.
RED Fire Engineers Sweden

We wish all the participants good luck in their future BIM projects and look forward to continue our work in making BIM easy. Together, we can create a golden thread of safety information.

FEWsteps | Bimfire Tools

FEWsteps is the concept that will have your organization go from traditional fire safety design to fully BIM integrated worflows. FEWsteps help your organisation to feel completely comfortable working with Bimfire Tools, and beyond.

Are you a fire engineer looking to be a more collaborative part in construction projects? Look into our BIM Implementation programs here or register for a free Bimfire Tools demo here.

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