Monthly Archives: February 2022

Finished Implementation Sessions for BIM Methodology

Since the new year Bimfire Tools have together with five fire consultant companies worked hard with implementation and supplementary training. Our implementation package, FEWsteps, helps fire engineers to go from traditional workflows to completely new digital ways of working. Switching to BIM design can be a challenge for the traditional workplace and places a high […]

New UK Standards for Fire Protection in the Works

As the Building Safety Bill is moving closer towards the royal assent, the industry is preparing to update work methods and professional standards. UK’s National Standards Body (NSB), BSI, is developing standards which will meet the legal requirements for digital fire protection. Today, designers and architects are adhering to standard BS 9999: Code of practice […]

Collaboration in Construction – Why it Matters

Why does collaboration matter? It has been seen that structured collaboration can make it or break it for a project success. In this blog we’re taking a closer look on collaboration and coordination in the construction process. One of the key learnings from the Hackitt report in 2018 was the fragmentation and lack of consistency […]