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This release contains several new functions, updated functions, and new regions. Read on to learn more about the updated software – and don’t forget to sign up for the weekly demo for a first look!

BFT is expanding its geographical areas and now also offers several different regions such as DACH, which includes Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Finland and the Netherlands are also new regions.

But that is not the only thing, we can now also present several new workflows that will simplify the process, such as Dense compartmentation, Occupant load, more functions in Audit trail and even more.

Below is selection of the new updates, read more about all updates in our changelog.


  • Added the possibility to change the distance between symbols in Legend tool
  • Dense Compartment adds a door or a window requirement with the rating “unconnected” on all unconnected openings on a connected wall. The risk of missing an opening will decrease and makes it easier to find new openings in an update.
  • Search Connect, select all objects in the engineering model that is connected to an object.
  • Audit Trail now includes changes in Wall types / Wall Heights.
  • Updated with new icons and layout.
  • Now rulesets for, Sweden, Norway, UK, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) .


Some of the updates:

  • All content has been updated to match ISO 3864-1/-2/-3/-4
  • Adaptive family for compartmentations replaces ellipse family.
  • Updated Sketch title blocks to include more parameters.
  • Evacuation route direction has been modified to visualize requirements better.
  • Included CIBSE content.
  • Updated parameters to include the CIBSE requirements
  • Made it easier to create personal evacuation plan tags for all symbols.

IFC Bridge

  • Released closed BETA for engineers for Revit 2022.
  • Adds the possibility to work with IFC’s from ArchiCAD


Of course, there are help guides on our new updated HELP page.

  • Better categorization
  • The possibility to search in the knowledge base
  • Create a ticket straight from knowledgebase to the BFT team.
  • Give feedback directly to the BFT team if the article needs to be more clear.


Minor changes in Legal, New company, VAT number and contact etc
Read the Legals here.

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