3 Things to Look Forward to, Spring 2022

IFC Bridge

Bimfire Tools is a Revit application which means it is used on Revit projects. However, with the IFC bridge we’re working on you will be able to coordinate data with other platforms than Revit. The IFC bridge is soon to be tested and evaluated by experienced architects and consultants and will later be available for BFT users. An important step for digital fire safety!

BFT 2022

With Revit 2022 came new categories in which fire classifications were covered. We’re working hard to bring you an updated version of the BFT which adjusts for these new categories. For example, Audit trail has been modified to include more variables such as Wall Height and Wall Type to better keep track of changes. The new function Dense Compartment adds a door or a window requirement with the rating “unconnected” on all unconnected opening on a connected wall. The risk of missing an opening will decrease, and makes it easier to find new openings in an update. 

Tools for Analytics

We are always looking into how we can develop Bimfire Tools further. The next step in making BIM easy we believe is analytic tools, functions which will support your designs. Some of these functions are external fire spread and occupant load. These functions are soon making their way into your model designs, make sure to keep an eye out!

Bimfire Tools

With Bimfire Tools the fire safety designer can step into a BIM work process. This way the fire safety designer can work with visual models while also having real time data from the architect and other parts of the design team. Do you want to know more about BIM? Sign up for a free demo today!

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