Calculation from Engineering model.

Based on BFT 2022, using the new families included in the templates.

The workflow is based on export an IFC from Revit, with all necessary parameters, which can be used in Solibri Office or Navisworks Manage and the data can be used for calculations in Excel.

This will showcase how to easiest do it in Navisworks Manage. But the procedure is basically the same with Information Take-Off in Solibri.

Modify Setup in IFC Export in Revit

Under Property Sets, enable Export Revit property sets

In Navisworks Manage

Turn on following windows,

  • Find Items

  • Sets

Append the IFC exported from Revit.

In find items, find all objects in the Category Fire Protection.

Save this search to a Search Set. This can be used later with an updated model to find all fire protection objects.

Select the Search Set and go to Selection Inspector

Shows a list of parameters to be exported to the csv. To add more parameters values, go to Quick Property Definitions…

Use the + symbol on the top left to add parameters

In this example there already existed some parameters that will be used.

In general it’s recommended to use:

  • FireReq_FireRatedDoor

  • FireReq_FireRatedWall

  • Fire_WallWidth

  • Fire_WallStructuralMaterial

  • Length

  • Fire_Top

Export to a csv file that can be used in Excel.

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