5 hacks in Bimfire Tools to try this week

We have gathered five hacks you can use in Bimfire Tools that makes fire safety design a little bit smoother. Check them out below!

1. Quick Settings

In Quick Setting it is possible to add up to three slots of fire requirements for walls. The three buttons, Quick 1 – 3, can when selected be used to quickly place a Compartmentation requirement for walls. Read more about Quick Settings here.

2. Connect Fire Rating in the 3D Viewer

In most project there are similarities between the different levels. Instead of redoing the same thing all over again, this gives the users the opportunity to copy / paste between levels and automatically connect. Read more about Connect Fire Rating here.

3. Audit trail

When receiving a new architect model, it’s possible to control any object that has been connected to an architect component. Read more about Audit Trail here.

4. Resolve Selected Changes

After receiving a new linked model, if the position of the linked objects has changed more than 30 mm they will appear in Audit trail. To resolve those changes, manually select the items and run the tool. Read more about Resolve Selected Changes here.

5. Legend Tool

The legend tool will automatically check what is visible in the selected views and add them to the legend view. The layout of the legend view will follow the template view selected. Read more about Legend Tools here.

Bimfire Tools

With Bimfire Tools the fire safety designer can step into a BIM work process. This way the fire safety designer can work with visual models while also having real time data from the architect and other parts of the design team. Do you want to know more about BIM? Sign up for a free demo today!

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