Revit template


When BIMfire tools are installed it will automatically add the included template in the drop-down menu for new projects.

If it does not show when install, try close and re-open Revit.


The location for the template is found here:

View folder


Control view placements by using Fire_BrowserGroup and Fire_BrowserSub


Control views


There are two different control views included that uses view filters to check openings and walls in the model. Deleted&Modifed for checking which object have been changed with Audit Trail and Fire Rating, which read the FireReq_FireRating paramers for walls and opening in the model.


Recommended to create more to fit the BIM requirements in each project.

Original views


Here are all the first views that are connected to the level name. This is to avoid accidently renaming the levels.



Work views


A set of views that has not model / annotation categories connected to the view template.

Makes it easier to change the view settings while designing.



In the template there are a preloaded legend in the project and are supposed to be used to use the Legend tool.


The legend needs to contain a Title, that are grouped into a Detail Group. This is for creating a “local” coordination system in the legend.


Add a legend component to show where the symbol should start from, and then add a text field for the description.



ArchitectParameter, are a set of all Fire_Req parameters. It is a schedule for HVAC zones,

because it’s the only category that have all the parameters defined to it.

This can be saved from a sheet to a new file, to be sent to the Architect,

so they just can copy / paste all the agreed parameters in the project.


Remember to clean the schedule from unnecessary parameters before sending.


SplitWalls, it’s for the designer to easy find all the split wall symbols that are placed in the model.

After receiving a new model from the architect, it’s easy to go through which levels there should be splits.

Export DWG


In the file there is an export setup with standard SB 11-layer set, where all the components get the correct layer and color when exporting.

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