Colour fills, technical installations


How to use spaces to colour the views

In the VIEWS FOR SHEETS with associated View Template has a pre-set colour fill on the parameter FireReq_CompartmentationFunctionallity.



This Parameter has already a set of values that can be used, when it is desired to show different hatches on the same view, such as evacuation route, emergency lighting etc


This can create the mixed floor plans with different room requirements.


To simplify when wanting to have different drawings for different requirements,

it is possible to use the yes/no parameters on the spaces to define the requirements.


Note: UK only


Just mark the fire requirement on the specific space to add the requirement.

In the View Template connected to the sheet, change Colour scheme.

There are several pre-set schemes that can be used for spaces.

Note: when sending yes/no parameters to an architect model, the rooms cannot be in groups. This will cause an warning telling to ungroup.

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