Symetri’s Martin Burrows’ thoughts on fire safety and BIM

A little more than a year ago the Bimfire team partnered up with Symetri for the common goal to speed up the digitalization of the fire safety design field. In practice, this means that Bimfire and Symetri are working together to shine a light on digital fire safety and that Symetri is exclusive resealler of Bimfire Tools. A year into this partnership, we feel that the topic of fire safety is hotter than ever.

We managed to get a short chat with Martin Burrows, Business Area Director AEC and Infrastructure at Symetri in Sweden on why Symetri is focusing in on digital fire safety.

At Symetri, we want to be able to offer complete digital solutions for the AEC sector. Bimfire Tools (BFT) is an important part of this offer. We want to make sure that we reach out to all of the AEC disciplines and have noticed that the interest for digital fire safety is on the rise. We are quite restrictive with which third part-products we welcome into our portfolio, but BFT fits well into our profile as well as our ambition.

We sometimes sense a hesitation to BIM from those not yet familiar with the process. Our job at Symetri is to lower this mental threshold. This we do by offering training and guidance in BIM, 3D and digital tools. We have a long experience having done this journey among other AEC fields, and now we’re doing this with fire safety. We are convinced that with knowledge and good products we will succeed.

Another reason why we’re looking into fire safety now especially is that a new generation is making its way into the industry. This generation are tech natives and have a greater interest in modelling, 3D and project coordination. This might be a sign that the fire safety engineers are finally ready for BIM, driven on by the young.

Looking ahead, we’re sure the fire safety engineers will be just as integrated as their AEC colleagues. There are several driving forces which will speed up this process, such as upcoming laws and regulations in Europe but also exciting initiatives from the industry itself. Bimfire Tools is one of these, and we are looking forward to seeing more fire safety design in BIM in a nearby future!

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