An introduction to Bimfire Tools

For you who are new to Bimfire Tools or just curious to learn more, we’d like to introduce ourselves. The Bimfire Tools team is a tightly knit group of engineers, digital designers, account- and project managers. We develop Bimfire Tools in order to help digitize the fire safety discipline and we are eager to get to know you!

So, what is Bimfire Tools? Bimfire Tools, or BFT, is a Revit application. In practice, this means BFT is a plugin or add-on which can be applied to the modelling software Autodesk Revit. With BFT applied, the fire safety designer is able to add fire data directly onto the architect’s model.

By working like this, it means that the fire safety designer can enter a BIM workflow. BIM, or Building information Modelling, is at its core a construction process which involves 3D design and modeling software. A traditional building design is reliant upon two-dimensional technical drawings (plans, elevations, sections, etc), to which a BIM workflow adds a third dimension that includes not only visual 3D-models but updated real time data and interdisciplinary communication. Bimfire makes software so that the fire safety designer can adopt this digital workflow.

Apart from the members of our team we are also in close dialogue with fire consultants in the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries. These partners provide us with constant feedback and help us develop software that will advance the fire safety even further into the digital world of BIM. These dialogues centers on usability, simplicity and direct values for the construction process.

For us its all about simplicity. To make BIM easy for you, we have gathered a starter pack so you quickly can get up and running with your digital design. Here you can find old webinars, our help guide and free demos to register for. And if you have any inquiries you can always reach out.

When you are ready to try a digital workflow, we are here for you. Make sure to head over to our reseller for your next step.

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