3 things to look forward to this autumn

Say hello to Niklas, Head of Digital Design

Niklas Strannefors has 10 years of professional experience of BIM. He has worked for 6 years at a Platinum Autodesk reseller and educated over 400 professionals in Autodesk AEC Suite softwares. Moreover, he has helped implement BIM strategy, content, support and education for a dozen of companies and was Model Manager for the design team in the New Karolinska Hospital. Today he is head of Head of Digital Design for Bimfire Tools and eager to tell us what autumn will bring.


With Revit 2022 came new categories in which fire classifications were covered. We’re working hard to bring you an updated version of the BFT which takes these new categories into account, for an optimized workflow.


Bimfire Tools is a Revit application which means it is used on Revit projects. However, with the IFC-bridge we’re working on having our users being able to coordinate data with other platforms than Revit. An important step for digital fire safety!


BIM is an international method and used around the globe. Therefor we’re always looking to add more rulesets to our portfolio. As of today, available rulesets are Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and British, but both German and Finnish is underway and are planned to be released later this year.

We thank Niklas for these exciting news and wishes him a great day!

Bimfire Tools

Correct fire safety data at the right time. Coordinate as a fire engineer in the same BIM model as the rest of the design team. Engage and co-create fire safety without compromising with other key objectives and performance targets. Intuitive and easy to get going, with immediate results in ongoing projects

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