Building Safety Bill has entered the next phase

During the summer the Building Safety Bill was published for the public. Anyone who have a special interest in the Building Safety Bill 2021-22 can send in submissions with their view on the Bill.

As the Bill enters the Committee stage in the House of Commons, it has now started its passage towards a Royal Assent and officially become a law. The written evidence is to be sent in to the Public Bill Committee no later than Tuesday 26 October, but note that the Committee may conclude its consideration earlier. The first sitting is Thursday 9 September. The new Bill covers a series of reforms regard safety in high-risk buildings. Among these reforms are the establishing of the Building Safety Regulator and the introduction of the New Homes Ombudsman. The Bill also covers the need for a single source of truth when handling fire information, which we have written about earlier.

While we won’t go further into detail on what the Bill proposes (you can find a more extensive summary here) we will say that the steps taken into consideration will surely find its way into other national discussions in Europe. With last week’s fire in Milan, Italy, and the faulty façade found in a high rise-building in Malmö, Sweden, we can be sure these issues will continue to be a current topic among builders, property owners, and lawmakers.

So make sure to keep an eye out for future discussions and debates within the building community. We will continue to monitor the different actions taken around Europe which covers fire safety or BIM, and are looking forward to see many new ideas, innovations, and initatives from the public and the private sector alike.

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