BFT 2022 available!

We know many of you have been waiting and today we can finally reveal that we’re releasing BFT 2022! This version comes with new categories, expanded parameters, and updated Import mappings. Read on to learn more about the updated software – and don’t forget to sign up for this week’s demo for a first look!

BFT 2022 allows you to start working fire data in Revit 2022. With Revit 2022 comes tapered walls and slanted wall profile editing, new categories to support generic modeling and general improved documentation tools. To match this, our new BFT brings several new, expanded features to maximise your designing experience.

BFT 2022


Components have been categorized from Fire Alarm Devices & Generic models into 

  • Electrical Equipment – Requirement concerning electricians, e.g., emergency lighting, sprinkler central 
  • Fire Alarm Device – Used for ISO 7010 symbols 
  • Mechanical Equipment – Requirements concerning mechanical engineers, e.g., Risers. 
  • Security Devices – Requirements concerning the door environment, e.g., 179, latch, re-enter requirements 
  • Signage – All signage 
  • Fire Protection – Door, window, floor, roof and wall fire ratings 

Simplified templates for always using copy/monitor for levels

Removed parameter Fire_Info and instead using Description 

3D objects graphics been updated for modern look 


  • Changed to work with the new categories 
  • New Import to work with the new categories 
  • Import will now list all links in alphabetical order 
  • Legend tool now work with Description instead of Fire_Info

Audit trail also works with these categories 

  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Security Devices Signage
  • Fire protection 

Audit Trail have changed to be more accurate, and now will only give notification if an object has been moved more than 30mm ~

BFT 2022 available today

Download your new version today!

Not a BFT user yet? Have a first look on fire engineering in Revit 2022 by attending one of our weekly demos. Register here –>

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