Updated HELP-guide

BIM should be easy! Therefor we are always updating our support- and learning section on our webpage. This past week our HELP-guide has been updated with new content and articles. We have gathered the new articles down below.

QUALITY ASSURANCE – Work process for assuring quality and accuracy in delivery.

EVACUATION PLAN – TITLEBLOCKS – New evacuation plan content.

MOVE BFT TO NEW COMPUTER – A guide how to move a license from one computer to another when changing hardware.

TITLEBLOCK – How to transfer titleblock from a linked model into the enginering model.

TAG EVACUATION PLANS – Workflow for creating evacuation plans.

SLANTED COMPARTMENT – When adding a compartmentation for slanted compartmentation, such as for stairs and ramps.

Are you looking for help or support for your work with Bimfire Tools? Are we missing any articles? Head over to our Learning & Support page, or reach out!

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