Welcome all new users!

Having left November behind us, we’re proud to announce that these past two months we have a new record on the number of new users! We are so glad and honoured that Bimfire Tools is appreciated and that BIM is becoming the method of choice for many fire consultants.

Another exciting piece of news is that we’re continuing our international journey and add companies across three nations to our list of users, just this month. And without saying too much, we will continue to add more rulesets to our portfolio – keep an eye out in our channels! Today you can find rulesets from Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

So we’d like to welcome Asplan Viak AS, WSP Sweden AB, Dagfin Skaar AS, Teknisk Industrivern AS, Prevecon Brand & Riskkonsult AB, Design Fire Consultant Ltd and Fire Safety Nordic Luleå AB – we’re glad to have you onboard! Together we make BIM easy.

Other exciting things that have been happening this past month is that we have visited two expos, one in Stockholm and one in London, and have together with out partner Symetri hosted a panel debate on the theme “the journey towards fire safety in BIM”. Make sure to follow our LinkedIn our sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss our future events!

Do you want to join our journey? Sign up for a free demo for a first step!

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