Audit Trail

An audit trail is a set of records or sources that provide documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected a document. This allows users to track changes and adjust for them accordingly. Bimfire Tools has an audit trail function to make sure the fire safety engineer always has an updated document and always know which changes have been made by the architect.

When receiving a new architect model, it is possible to control any object that has been connected to an architect component. The function “Audit Trail” lets you easily follow changes made in the model. This function allows you to track changes in the linked model and view the fire rating symbols which have been affected by these changes. This helps you gain full control of the living data in your model.

With more and more regulations coming into action in different parts of Europe, an audit trail-based work process and a “golden thread of information” will in many ways help projects to be code compliant. Having an up-to-date record of the project makes for great accountability. This also helps with better decision-making as all data is available for stakeholders and mistakes are discovered early in the process, before these mistakes become unnecessary costs and expenses.

Here you can read about our Audit Trail-function.

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