Simplicity and traceability in the spotlight

Bimfire Tools is all about simplicity. We want to make BIM easy for everyone who are working with modelling and fire drawings, no matter if you are a BIM newbie or a 3D savvy. In this blogpost we’ll share three different clever functions that we think can make your workday a little bit easier.

  1. Audit trail

With “Audit Trail” it becomes much easier to follow changes made in your model. This function allows you to track changes in the linked model and view fire rating symbols that been affected. This helps you gain full control of the living data in your model.

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2. Colour Fills, Technical Installations

This function helps you to colour code mixed floor plans with different room requirements. This way you can quickly create escape plans of your spaces.

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3. Content

Instead of having a content library locally on the computer, all included families have been pre-loaded into the template. This way you will easier find whatever you are looking for when working in your model.

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If you need more tips and tricks on how to make BIM easy, make sure to reach out or register for a free demo.

With a smart data and process infrastructure you can create transparent audit trails, assuring both quality and regulatory compliance. Our digital platform makes sure that you reach all needed safety measures.

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